Celebrating 45 years of service to FCPA

June 15, 2022
Kevin Rehrig, just received a service award commending him for 45 years of service to FCPS at our end of year luncheon. I cannot imagine that many FCPS employees make it to this milestone, but let me tell you- this man is extraordinary! He was the English department chair for 30+ years, he serves on the Superintendent’s Advisory committee every year keeping us informed of what’s going on, he is the lead mentor and has helped support dozens of new teachers, he sponsors the senior class each year and leads our team in planning graduation, and he is the go-to guy if you have a question about anything Cedar Lane or even FCPS. Mr. Rehrig served in person last year during an actual pandemic! He’s been around so long, he tells tales of getting savings bonds as FCPS service awards (not that he isn’t super excited about this year’s lanyard!) Not only is 45 years a remarkable achievement, this man did 45 years IN THE TRENCHES! He has worked in the classroom at Cedar Lane with special education students since its inception, and even before that when it was but a small, nascent program at Dunn Loring.
If ever an employee deserves the fame and and fortune of being on the FCPS web page, this is your guy. ALL HAIL KEVIN REHRIG!