Electronic Device Policy  

Cedar Lane School Electronic Device Policy: Students will be required to keep all electronics (personal cell phones, tablets, laptops, gaming devices, etc.) off and out of sight during classroom instructional time. At no time will students be allowed to take or make phone calls, take pictures, or make video recording without teacher approval. Parents/Guardians should call the front office for immediate contact with their student.

Cell Phones MAY be used in class when it is required to complete a class assignment or project under the teacher’s explicit direction. Violation of this policy will result in disciplinary actions. Remember lost or stolen electronic devices are not the responsibility of Cedar Lane School or Fairfax County Public Schools.

Cell Phone Referrals: to be written by classroom teachers and other staff when a student has violated the electronic device policy.

How will cell phone referrals be addressed? Collectively on Wednesday’s of every week.

Example: If a student has generated 10 cell phone referrals in a week, that student will be met with once, and the consequences will be collectively addressed (otherwise, students will be inundated with consequences, and will end up missing a great deal of instructional time in addition to time missed by using their device(s) inappropriately in class)

Progressive Consequences for Students

1st Offense: Warning Conference with Ms. King

2nd Offense: Student conference, Ms. King to contact parents to make them aware of the electronic device policy violation(s)

3rd Offense: Student is banned from the Cedar Store and other Incentives (game room, art room, and gym) for 1 week

4th Offense: Student to meet with administrator and administrator will contact parents to advise them on future consequences

5th Offense: Student will be banned from the Cedar Store and other Incentives (game room, art room, and gym) for 2 weeks

6th Offense: Student will drop to Level 1

7th Offense: Administrator to contact parent and send a letter home stating that the student is banned from bring an electronic device to school for 2 weeks. Options for parents:

                Option A: Student to keep ALL electronic devices at home

                Option B: Turn in electronic device to an administrator upon entering the building

If Option B is chosen and the student refuses to turn the electronic device(s) in?

1st Time: All day ISS

2nd Time: Parent Contacted and Cell Phone Ban extended for an additional week

3rd Time: Out of School Suspension                                                                         

PLEASE NOTE: If there is a 2-week gap of time (or longer) between offenses, students will revert back to the 1st offense consequence to have a discussion about the changes in behavior.