Red Pandas

Student Essay

By Lauren P.
December 06, 2016

The red panda is slightly larger than a domestic cat, with a bear-like body and thick, russet colored fur. They are very skillful and acrobatic, and predominantly stay in trees.     Nearly 50 percent of the red panda's habitat is in the eastern Himalayas, They are on the World Wildlife Foundation’s list of endangered animals ( less than 10,000 left.)

Red pandas are mostly herbivores (plant eaters) who eat bamboo, leaves and very rarely small mammals and insects.  They’re being poached for their beautiful, luscious fur which has caused the decline in their population.

Red pandas are very unique, because unlike any other mammal they love sugar- fake sugar that is.

In a study conducted where three bowls of water were put out, one with just plain water, one with aspartame in the water and the other with real sugar water, the red pandas preferred the water with aspartame.

If you’ve ever been to the zoo you probably heard them making a cute twittering sound like a bird that they only use for mating purposes. While you might think they’re relatives of the giant panda they are not. They’re instead more closely related to raccoons, and skunks.