Cedar Lane

How it works

By Bree
Cedar Chips
November 30, 2017

Cedar Lane is a school different from any other. Unlike mainstream schools, it truly has something to offer everyone, and it manages to effectively accommodate a vast variety of children. Students are encouraged to work through their issues through goal setting activities, and throughout the year they continue to build on coping skills, strategies, and techniques which help them prepare for adulthood.  

Cedar’s small population allows for a welcoming and comfortable environment. School clubs, clinical groups, and PBIS events ensure that kids have no trouble meeting new people. The classrooms offer a safe space, and those who might ordinarily be nervous often feel comfortable participating in group activities. No one is left out of class discussions, and everyone is encouraged to openly share their thoughts and opinions.  

Academics are more flexibly paced, and run at a speed which is reasonable for everyone. If students are struggling with school work, the small classes give teachers the opportunity to work with them individually. Lesson plans are tailored to the capabilities and learning styles of all students. If a slower pace is necessary, teachers will slow the class down, and if a student works quickly, they'll be encouraged to work ahead.

With the trusted support and guidance of their clinicians, students are able to practice their coping skills by working through personal, social, or academic issues productively and efficiently.

At Cedar Lane every student is given the opportunity to grow and improve. Teachers focus on every child's individual needs, and give them the skills they need to succeed. They work hard to make sure that everyone feels comfortable, accepted, and valued.