Snow Day Bell Schedule

In the event of inclement weather, the first 5 days of classes will be cancelled.  On the 6th day, FCPS will conduct synchronous classes, following a 2 hour delay.  Classes will be held on Zoom through Schoology.

Gold Day Black Day
1st Period 10:00-10:59 2nd Period 10:00-10:59
Lunch 11:03-11:33 Lunch 11:03-11:33
3rd Period 11:37-12:39 4th Period 11:37-12:39*
5th Period 12:43-1:42 6th Period 12:43-1:42
7th Period 1:46-2:45 8th Period 1:46-2:45

*There will be no Return to Learn on Black Days.

How to prepare for virtual learning

Weather Cancellation Procedures